Libra Transport (B.C.) Ltd. provides safe, reliable, and efficient flat-deck transportation of general freight throughout Western Canada. Our fleet of 53’ tri-axle and super-B train trailers are well equipped to haul lumber, building products and roofing, packaged salt, steel products including loose and bundled pipe and tubing, beams, plate, coils, concrete products, and packaged oilfield drilling mud. All units have tarps to protect your commodities, when required. We are able to haul oversize loads with products up to 65’ in length and 10’ in width.

We specialize in the shipping of loads into and out of the Port of Vancouver. In fact, we have serviced the Port of Vancouver for over 30 years. Our timely logistics solutions are not limited only to loads in and out of B.C.’s Lower Mainland. We offer regular service in all areas of British Columbia, including Northern and North Western points such and Fort Nelson and Prince Rupert. In Alberta, we again service all areas of the province with particular attention paid to northern points such as Fort McMurray and Grande Prairie. Based in St. Albert, Alberta, we are centrally located and our fleet is always ready to quickly react to our clients service requests.

In Edmonton, we have a secure trailer storage compound. Our customers can rest assured that their valuable cargo will arrive safe, and on time. What sets Libra Transport (B.C.) Ltd. apart from our competitors is our operators. Professional, safe, courteous, well-groomed, and efficient are just some of the words that our customers have used in the past to describe our drivers and owner-operators. A number of our operators have been with us in excess of 10 years. As well, a substantial number of our operators have achieved the significant milestone of one million miles of accident free service. Clearly, we owe our success in the transportation industry to the hard work and dedicated service of our professional operators.

Libra Office
Libra Transport (B.C.) Ltd.
2 Renault Crescent
St. Albert, AB T8N 4B8

(780) 458-3011 1-800-661-1794
Fax: (780) 460-2533